19th Conference of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology

Integrative oncology – Leaving no one behind / GENEVA Switzerland 14-16 Nov 2019

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Global Policy Dialogue on Cancer in the Ageing Population 

November 14th, 2019, United Nations (Room XXIV, Building E, Door E40, 1st Floor)


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Martine Extermann, MD, PhD
Chair, SIOG Top Priorities Initiative

Global Policy Consultation for Building Capacity to Address Cancer in Ageing and Contextualised Care Initiatives


In the past, population ageing was mostly a concern of developed countries; today it is gaining real momentum in emerging powers as well. There is also a growing evidence of the convergence of cancer and ageing.  Policymakers have known about the forthcoming challenges of the ageing population with cancer.

Given the high prevalence of comorbidity in the elderly, it is an ethical necessity that new approaches be developed to study treatments appropriate for the bulk of the older population with cancer.  Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) provide the foundations to address the societal challenges related to cancer amongst the ageing populations. More needs to be achieved.

Between 2009 and 2010, SIOG launched a global consultation to identify ten global priorities for progress and development in geriatric oncology. Guided by the feedback from the SIOG National Representatives, a publication entitled The SIOG Priorities Initiative was produced in 2011. The report formulated the outcomes of the consultation and was structured to give an overview of the scope of the 10 priorities in Geriatric Oncology, as well as the potential translation of the priorities into tangible outputs for uptake by health institutions.

To research the new edition of the report, SIOG will conduct regional consultations with leading experts in the different professional roles that make up the healthcare sector: academics; clinicians; healthcare providers; payers; policymakers; medical suppliers; private sector, think tanks and representatives of patients. The data and recommendations will be used to define trends likely to impact the direction of healthcare in the next two decades for older patients with cancer.

As part of a wider global consultation for the next edition of the SIOG 10 Priorities Initiative, the SIOG Global Policy Meeting on November 14th 2019 in Geneva will bring together experts for a multi-stakeholder stocktaking on progress towards the achievement of UHC2030 with a primary focus on the health workforce development for the ageing population with cancer.

For further information, please contact SIOG Head Office.

SIOG 10 Priorities Initiative is a report of country recommended national mechanisms ensuring that the national potentials are harnessed effectively for promoting and advancing geriatric oncology. The SIOG 10 Priorities Initiative could ensure and monitor dialogue, promotion and advocacy, analysis, tools and methodologies, networking, South-South and North-South cooperation and technology sharing. It will, thus, foster the convergence of national, regional and global inputs to health research and care for the older patients with cancer. Reference: Letter from the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA)_2011