19th Conference of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology

Integrative oncology – Leaving no one behind / GENEVA Switzerland 14-16 Nov 2019

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In light of the demographic changes worldwide marked with an increased ageing population, governments and other coordinated bodies are preparing for this reality. These efforts go beyond improving the quality of life (QoL) for patients, but must also include social inclusion, access to treatment, financial protection and equity. 

In recognition of these challenges and efforts, SIOG and the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) work through a comprehensive approach that calls for the full use of resources in country settings. 

It is in this regard that the SIOG-IFA Call for Action invites countries to strengthen the resources already existing in the national contexts to enhance the health workforce so that in turn the QoL of older patients with cancer is improved both from a clinical perspective as well as from the angle of social determinants of health. 

Join SIOG and IFA in building stronger health systems for the growing ageing population with cancer. Become a contributor of the next edition of the SIOG Priorities Initiative.

Country/institutional participation carries two pronged objectives: 

1) Make national recommendations for increased trained health workforce and quality healthcare management at different levels of the health system, with due regard to the ageing population living with cancer, their diversities in culture, rights to health (affordable access and treatment), needs and expectations for whom these services are intended;

2) Make proposals for principles, and practice for the delivery and uptake of relevant health policies that are compatible with equitable and sustainable development with minimised economic burden of health with regard to the ageing population living with cancer affecting both developed and developing countries alike.