19th Conference of the International Society of Geriatric Oncology

Integrative oncology – Leaving no one behind / GENEVA Switzerland 14-16 Nov 2019


In this hands-on workshop, a brief overview of commonly used geriatric assessment tools will be provided. Following this, participants will break into small groups, work with two preceptors, and perform various assessments including geriatric screening tools, cognition and functional assessments, life expectancy and chemotherapy toxicity calculators, and various patient-reported measures (medications, social support, and psychological health). Participants will discuss tips and challenges when performing these tools in the clinical settings.

Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019

Time: 07:00-08:30 AM (Participants to attend this workshop are required to be present at the venue by 6:45 AM)

Hall: Room 6

Registration: Attendance to the GE Workshop is free of charge. However, a separate registration is required due to limited capacity. If you have not registered for the conference yet, you may find the workshop registration section within the registration form. If you have already registered to the conference, you will be sent a separate link via e-mail to register this workshop. Should you not receive the link for workshop registration, please contact to the Conference Organising Secretariat (Ms. Lara Volkan; lvolkan@kenes.com


Chairs: Cindy Kenis (NAH), Melissa Loh (young SIOG)

07:00 – 07:15   Case Introduction

07:15 – 08:20   Work on the Below Stations:

1) Geriatric screening tools (VES-13, Geriatric 8), Gábor Liposits (DK), Cindy Kenis (BE)

2) Cognitive assessments (MOCA, MMSE, Mini-Cog), Allison Magnuson (US), Martine Puts (CA)

3) Physical Performance Batteries (SPPB, TUG, gait speed, etc.), Mackenzi Pergolotti (US), Schroder Sattar (CA)

4) Chemotherapy toxicity calculators (CARG, CRASH, MAX2), Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti (GB), Melisa Wong (US)

5) Life expectancy calculators, Enrique Soto Perez de Celis (MX), Nina Rosa Neuendorff (DE)

6) Social support and psychological health, Kristen Haase (CA), Fábio Gomes (GB)

7) Medications and polypharmacy, Erika Ramsdale (US), Ginah Nightingale (US)

08:20 – 08:30   Wrap Up